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Back Pain

Back Pain

Back PainThe facet joints (2) are loaded in nerve supply and located on the back side of each spinal bone. They are a common cause of back pain. If these pairs of interlocking “fingers” aren’t moving right, they can cause painful symptoms.


Another common source of pain is the discs between each spinal bone that can dehydrate over time with bad spinal mechanics or fixated joints. An outer fibrous layer and the disc itself act as a cushion or shock absorber for the spine and the nerves that lie between the two. Trauma can cause the soft, center material to herniate or bulge, putting pressure on nearby nerves.

Treatment Options

  • One approach is bed rest. However, research shows that prolonged bed rest can delay recovery and make the problem worse.
  • Physical therapy is another option. However, exercising spinal joints that aren’t functioning right is similar to continuing to drive your car with a bent axle.
  • Another choice is to cover up or mask the pain with prescription or over the counter drugs. Drugs can offer temporary relief, but that’s it. They can’t correct functional problems of affected spinal joints, let Synergy Wellness Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in NYC fix those functional problems and get to the root of the problem.
  • Surgery is the most drastic measure and there are several types,  depending on your diagnosis. A laminectomy removes the facet joints, leaving the spinal cord exposed and causing instability from there on forward! A spinal fusion cuts out the disc tissue and immobilizes the joint. Less invasive surgery is a discectomy where just a sliver of the disc is removed. While there may be times when surgery is necessary it’s not for people that haven’t tried all other therapies and modalities first. It’s expensive and risky with more than half of all back surgeries failing 5 years post surgery.


Millions of people around the world have chosen chiropractic care first. Possibly due to all the research and the landmark studies done by Harvard medical school, SPINE, and JMPT. Specific chiropractic adjustments done by our board-certified New York licensed Doctor of Chiropractic with over 20 years experience can help improve your spinal function and entirely change your life if you are considering surgery. Synergy Wellness specializes in those problematic cases, come to see why experience and technology matter.


How long does will it take for chiropractic to work?

Patient results vary depending on many factors. Do you keep your appointments? How long have you had your problem? Are you in otherwise good health? Are you getting the proper exercise, rest, and nutrition? Do you have an old injury gone unchecked? It doesn’t take long for most patients feel progress to justify following through with our recommended care plan.


What if my insurance won’t pay for chiropractic care?

Insurance companies make two mistakes by denying or limiting coverage. They ignore current research showing chiropractics superiority in these types of cases. They also overlook the higher patient satisfaction and lower cost enjoyed with chiropractic care. Synergy Wellness Chiropractic & Physical Therapy located on 14th street in Manhattan, New York City offers ways to make chiropractic care affordable for just about anyone. For those that are underinsured or no insurance at all, we have a solution for you.

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It makes sense to correct the cause, and that is precisely what we do at Synergy Wellness Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in NYC, instead of treating the symptom.


Pain is a warning sign that should never be ignored. Like the oil light that comes on in your car, you would never place tape over that light to cover it up! Chiropractors get to the cause while other people choose to cover up the pain instead of correcting the cause.