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Deep Tissue Massage (Rolfing)

Massage Therapy- (Deep Tissue/ Rolfing)


How Does Massage Therapy Work?

There are many different massage techniques, all help to increase joint range of motion,  flexibility and blood flow to and from the muscles and soft tissue.

Our in house licensed massage therapist is a certified Rolfer. For those of you that don’t know rolfing is a very deep tissue technique also called Rolfing , to balance the bodies myofascial tension and pain.

Massage therapy and Rolfing can be extremely helpful for:

Joint restrictions

Herniated discs


Muscle tension and soreness


Poor Posture

It band syndrome

Neck stiffness and headaches

and so much more……….. Call us today to schedule your Deep Tissue Massage or Rolfing Session.

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Why is Rolfing better?

Rolfing isn’t necessarily better, but many people with chronic soft tissue tension and pain find it much more effective and intense.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ROLFING: www.williamkayerolfing.com


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