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Hip Leg and Knee Problems

Hip, Sacroiliac, Knee & Leg Problems

hip painOur Chiropractors and Physical Therapists at Synergy Wellness Chiropractic and Physical Therapy in NYC have over 20 years experience dealing with low back, hip, sacroiliac, knee and leg pain and have paved the way making the connection between the spine and its nerve supply from the lower back, controlling both sensation and muscles in the hips, sacroiliac joints, leg, and feet.


You sit on them, need them to work (your legs connect to them), and they provide an attachment for dozens of muscles and ligaments. Your hips are a masterpiece of engineering.


However, like any precision instrument, if they do not fit just right, all kinds of problems could arise. Do your joints “click” when you walk? Do your feet flare-out or in?


Does one leg feel shorter than the other? In our New York City location on 14th Street in Manhattan, we have Digital Xray equipment that allows us to measure down to the millimeter if you have a short leg. No more guessing or using a tape measure.


Do you have leg, knee, buttock, hip or low back weakness or pain?

If your answer is yes, it’s time to get a chiropractic checkup. Something we see missed often is flat feet causing foot, knee, hip and lower back pain but the problem can also stem from lower back problems. Either way, we can assess and effectively treat. Synergy Wellness Chiropractic & Physical Therapy has unique 3D laser Foot scanning technology that helps us diagnose problems a doctor wouldn’t otherwise have any way of knowing.


The Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) is a distortion, jamming or locking of your spine that irritates, pulls or compresses (“pinches”) your nerves; unbalance your posture; weakens your discs; stretches your ligaments, tendons, and muscles and can upset your general health. As terrible as all this sounds, VSCs are often initially painless, but if left untreated over time they begin to become symptomatic. You may have a VSC right now and not even know it.


Your Hip Joints

A joint is where two bones and your hips have a few of them. One of them is a ball-and-socket joint where the head (“ball”) of the thigh bone meets the acetabulum (“sockets”) of the hip. Another is the sacroiliac SI joint, formed where the sacrum and the ilium meet. Moreover, another is the symphysis pubis, where the pubic bones meet in the front (they separate a little during childbirth so the pelvic cavity can enlarge.)


Lower Back, Buttock And Thigh Pain

Studies have shown that an unbalanced hip in most adults with low back pain. “Dysfunction in the hip joint may be a primary factor in the development of mechanical low back pain,” says one report. Another state: “On confronting a patient in severe pain of sciatic (leg pain) distribution the first thought should be “sacroiliac” not always “disc” …. (with) manipulation.


Your Hips and Pelvic Organs

The nerves emanating from the spinal column in the lower back and hips travel to the pelvic organs, uterus, lower intestines, bladder, kidneys, prostate and vagina. It is crucial to ensure that the nerves to these organs are free of any stress, irritation or compression.


Pregnancy Chiropractic

Sacroiliac and lower back problem may have their origins in childhood.


Pregnant women make hormones to relax their joints for more natural delivery of the baby. If their spines, hips or other joints are unstable or not healthy, this can aggravate an underlying problem. Chiropractic care is beneficial both during and after pregnancy, according to studies showing its safety and effectiveness. Chiropractors have noticed that a properly aligned SI joint, hip, and spine helps ensure more comfortable pregnancy and a more natural and safer delivery and post-partum recovery.


Children’s Hip Problems

Since childhood is a very physical time full of falls, accidents, cuts, scrapes and occasional serious injuries, children should have their spine checked regularly, including their hips, their leg lengths and their SI or Sacroiliac joints by a doctor of chiropractic to ensure they are free of subluxations. Chiropractors and body workers have often observed that a stressful birth can damage a child’s spine and can cause problems in adulthood if not corrected early.


There are many adjusting procedures for the hips and pelvis. Synergy wellness Uses many different techniques based on decades of experience in the field.



Chiropractic spinal checkups should be part of your family’s healthcare regime.


Pregnant women should have a spinal exam since the stress of pregnancy and trauma of childbirth affect the hips and entire spinal column.


Why wait for a problem to arise? See your chiropractor for regular spinal exams.

Ancient Chinese health saying is:

“If people pay attention to their little health problems, they wouldn’t have big health problems.”

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