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Cox Flexion Distraction

What is Cox Flexion-Distraction Technic?


Cox Flexion-Distraction TechnicThe Cox flexion distraction technique was pioneered by Dr. James M. Cox,  from whom it gets its name (it does not, as some people assume, derive its name from ‘Coxyx’ – the tailbone!). It’s a non-invasive, manual spinal manipulation, performed on a specially designed table.


At Synergy Wellness of New York City, our doctor is certified in the technique and will apply precise amounts of specialized manual manipulation to pertinent points within the spine. Like spinal decompression, this helps to separate and re-align troubled discs, as well as encouraging the flow of blood and healing nutrients around the damaged or troublesome portion of the spine.


Synergy Wellness uses two flexion distraction tables; a brand new Cox8 table is our newest equipment and a hill flexion distraction table allowing for better patient ease. The table provides the ‘flexion.’


A Cox table has several articulated segments. These can be raised or lowered to bring different portions of the spine into play. During flexion distraction, the doctor will push the relevant section of the table down while manually manipulating the troublesome vertebrae. For example, the doctor may stabilize one joint of the spine against the NYC chiropractor, Dr. David Kulla of Synergy Wellness Chiropractic and Physical Therapy is a certified Cox technic Chiropractor.


Typical results we see are 40-50% reduction in pain within 4-5 weeks. Results are even better at 10-12 weeks.

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