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If you are seeking true health, wellness, and happiness, you’ve come to the right place. Proudly serving New York City at our East Village, Gramercy Park, Manhattan location since 1999.

Synergy Wellness provides comprehensive professional healthcare services, wellness treatments, and therapy.

We offer a whole unique body, drug-free approach to help you reach your wellness potential.

Synergy Wellness Chiropractic and Physical Therapy is located east of union square in Manhattan, New York on 14th Street and First Avenue in zip code 10009. We specialize in Chiropractic Adjustments and Spinal Manipulations, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Medical Massage, Exercise & Nutrition Planning, and Acupuncture.

Health is not the absence of pain, symptoms, and disease. It is the balance of physical, mental & social well being. Are You Reaching Your Wellness Potential?

Dr. David Kulla invites you to Synergy Wellness in the heart of New York City, where you’ll find affordable chiropractic health care services that will help you feel better than you ever thought possible. You deserve to be healthy and live life to its fullest. Discover true health and wellness at Synergy.

Synergy means ‘multiple forces working in concert together to achieve optimum results…’ We offer an interdisciplinary approach to wellness. Our Healthcare Professionals work together to ensure each patient receives personalized care so that you can achieve optimal wellness and start living life to its fullest.

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Synergy Wellness Chiropractic & Physical Therapy NYC

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What Our Patient Say

Dr. David Kulla is a clinician of integrity with a strong sense of mission. His expertise in all things chiropractic have provided me with much relief for my chronic neck and shoulder condition.

Steven A.
New York City, NY

Better than any doctor I've had in my life. Dr. Kulla was very thorough, insightful and encouraging. He has helped me tremendously relieving painful sypmptoms related to my scoliosis.

Willie R.

Thanks to Dr. Kulla's innovative Cold Laser treatment and Chiropractic care. He has helped me live a better quality of life with his gentle care.

Naomi B.
New York

A year ago I found Dr. Kulla, and with a mixture of cold laser and chiropractic care I am finally almost pain free. Thank you so much Dr. Kulla.

Charlie B.
New York City

Synergy Nutrition has literally changed my life. I have been able to keep the weight off. Now I enjoy greens and luscious salads, salmon, and fish, and oh the fruit never tasted better.

Lisa T.
New York

Elizabeth Taub at Synergy Wellness helped me remove the blocks that prevented the changes that needed to occur...Wow, the power of the mind and body! Energy Healing really works.

Lauren M.
New York City, NY

I have been coming here for various injuries over the past 3 years. This place is wonderful, it’s like being at home to me. You guys are the best. Amazing people. Thank You!

Michele M.

Dr. David Kulla has always been friendly and professional. I appreciate his support and willingness to determine the best ongoing Health care program for me.

Cara B.
New York City

You've helped me more in four therapy sessions than my previous therapist has helped me accomplish in a year. No more anxiety and fears. Thanks Elizabeth. Synergy Wellness Mental Health is highly recommended.

Joan F.
New York

I came to Synergy for physical therapy for a chronic injury to my left knee, and it has worked “wonders” for me. On my first visit to his facility, I discovered quickly that all of the staff was courteous, helpful and solicitous.

Carl D.
New York City, NY

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