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Myofascial Muscle Release / ART / Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial / Muscle Release Techniques

Medical Massage

At Synergy Wellness in New York City, we understand the importance of the fascia, muscles, tendons, and ligaments and their integration with the rest of the body. Fascia contains mechanoreceptors that send signals to the nervous system. Making the fascia the largest sense organ in the human body.


With a wide range of myofascial release techniques, we focus on the most effective and evidence-based techniques. Synergy Wellness in the east village of New York City uses several techniques to break up muscle and tendon adhesions.

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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy focuses on the tender points along the muscle belly, origin and insertion by building up blood pressure around the inflamed or irritated point you increase blood flow and help to flush out lactic acid and substance P, causing the soreness. It’s very common to find trigger points along the top of the shoulders with desk workers, barbers, hairstylists, chefs, and drivers.


Active Release technique

This technique is similar to pin and stretch. ART or active release technique practitioners are taught over 500 different treatment protocols and individualistic movement patterns. Chances are Synergy Wellness Chiropractic and Physical Therapy has the right protocol for YOU. ART is performed by shortening the tissue and applying contact tension while the patient actively lengthens the tissue. If you’ve never tried ARET, what are you waiting for? Call us Today 212-533-4900


Graston Technique (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

This is a technique that was invented in China thousands of years ago using stones, spoons, and sticks. Thankfully, it has been improved using stainless steel allows the practitioner to feel the vibrations, muscle knots, tension, and adhesions through the instrument. Synergy Wellness offers Graston Technique as a soft tissue mobilization service.


PTLMS (Professional Tendon, Ligament, Muscle Stimulator)

Pettibon is the original maker of what we now call theragun, muscle blaster, and all the other product copycats out there. The PTLMS is more effective than the ones that can be bought on Facebook or the internet and you need a doctor’s license to purchase one.



Dr. Kulla had such a great experience with cupping on an old injury, that he got trained in cupping therapy to help his patients overcome pain and tension like he did. Cupping is an ancient method or technique. Synergy Wellness uses new cupping technology like the cupper or theracup to achieve great soft tissue results. Check out our video below on the benefits of cupping therapy.

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