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Insight Millenium Subluxation Station 

Digital Nerve Scan: Anyone who comes through the doors of Synergy Wellness located in New York City for any service is entitled to receive a Digital Nerve Scan (Surface Electromyo- graphy). sEMG is a non-invasive test that utilizes the latest technology to demonstrate your body’s performance including strength, speed, energy, flexibility, coordination, balance and metabolism.  These tests are utilized on world class athletes including Olympic Gold medalist, Dan O’Brien.  This is the only technology of its kind to be certified by the Space Foundation, which was co-founded by NASA.

We are excited to offer this state-of-the-art technology used to objectively measure the nerve and muscle function. The nervous system is the master controlling system of the body. Therefore, how well the nervous system is functioning and sending information to and from the body will determine the actual degree of your overall health.


FIRST SCAN: Surface Electromyography Scan (Muscle Spasm)

Your muscles, organs, and glands are controlled by nerves,  The sEMG measures how well the motor nerves are working by reading the amount of electrical current found in the muscles. Spinal misalignments may cause a disruption of the nerve flow, causing an abnormal amount of electrical current flowing to your muscles.


SECOND SCAN: Muscle Balance Scan (Muscle Symmetry)

Muscle Balance is extremely important because the vertebrae (spinal bones) depend on the muscles to move properly. If one or more of the vertebrae shift out of their normal position, it can disturb nerve function. This disturbance creates muscle imbalance. As a result, the muscles on one side of the body may become weaker, smaller, tighter, or fatigued compared to the other side.


 THIRD SCAN: Thermography Scan (Inflammation)

Thermography technology finds areas of inflammation along the skin surface, which tells us a lot about how the autonomic (glands and organs) nervous system is functioning.


FOURTH SCAN: 3D Laser Foot Scan Technology

This unique technology is different than the typical foot scan machine you see in the local drug or running shoe store. Synergy Wellness Chiropractic & Physical Therapy uses a  precision laser that cuts precision tools. Therefore, we are able to provide a money back guarantee and competitive pricing on a pair of custom foot orthotics (pelvic stabilizers).


Frequently Asked Questions about the Scan:


Does the sEMG hurt?

No, the test does not utilize any needles, heat, or electrical shock.  sEMG does not utilize any form of radiation and there are no possible side effects.  In fact, these tests are so safe that we perform them on pregnant women and young children regularly.


What is the Purpose of the Test?

sEMG will provide you with a greater understanding of how well your body is actually functioning and what may be preventing you from attaining your health and wellness goals.


How Long does the Test Take?

The sEMG takes about 5 minutes to complete and is usually followed by a 5 to 10-minute explanation of the results.  It’s possible to be in and out in 15 minutes, though we schedule the nerve scans for 30-minute time slots.


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